Pepsi Air Guitar

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pepsi air guitar


Change the colour of your glasses to suit your mood

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Ink-filled glassesDo you wear glasses? Do you sometimes wish you could change the colour of your glasses to suit your outfit or even your mood? Dark and serious one day, fun and funky the next? Well now you can. With the RBG Glasses from designer Luis Porem, india-ink filled eye-glass frames, you can have whatever colour glasses you want! An innovative approach in eye-wear for those that wear glasses every day, but want a few more options.


Youth and Social Media

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Most marketers will probably agree that young people are one of the hardest groups to reach. Social media is key way to connect with young people but getting it right is another matter altogether. We look at 4 campaigns which have been successful and in some cases have turned their audience into advocates so that they carry out the marketing.

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Creative Insights on Rich Media

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This is a really useful report for you and your clients particularly when discussing creating rich media formats and the response rates they generate.

This Doubleclick report (September 2008) details everything that aggregate ad serving data can tell you about click-through rate, interaction rate, interaction time, expansion rate, expansion time and video complete rate. Each of these metrics can be used as an indicator of success for your rich media campaigns.

In each section, Doubleclick focus on a specific metric of success. They show you how the choice of ad format and creative size can affect campaign performance. They end each section with industry benchmarks and advice on how to compare your campaign’s performance to that of other advertisers in the same industry vertical.

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UK Media Landscape and the Rise of Digital Media

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The presentation below is a collection of charts put together looking at the UK media landscape and the rise of digital media. The charts on the media landscape provide media expenditure and information on how individual channels have proliferated over the years. For digital media there are various statistics and details of key events on topics such as broadband, digital TV, mobile phones and Internet access.

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Anyone for cock soup?

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Great DM

cock soup

This arrived in the Planning Department and has been passed around to almost everyone. It is a great example of DM that works. Mother Tongue is:

“Marketing translation, creative adaptation of advertising copy and transcreation. Mother Tongue is the informed choice for anyone in advertising, digital or marketing who needs to be sure that the translations of their copy are not just technically correct, but engaging and culturally relevant – just like the original.”

Just goes to show that a bit of toilet humour can be a good thing and will always be eye catching!

Branded Pizza Boxes by The Economist

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Munch and Learn

 This fab bit of marketing from The Economist is part of their “Get a World View” campaign. They distributed branded pizza boxes to 20 pizzerias in the Greater Philadelphia area. On each box there is a pie chart that highlights statistics which relate to world food distribution, particularly those stats that relate to pizzas. The boxes cover issues such as arable and permanent crop land by country, cheese and curd imports, mushroom distribution and more. The idea was to raise awareness amongst students about global affairs.